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The overhaul/upgrade activities, the integrated logistics support and the production of new units/systems are executed in our premises using special equipment, simulators, scientific tools and surface treatment unit.

Specialized Defence Facility

  • 2500 square meters – 10 meters clear height
  • Double crab crane (10 tons and 6.4 tons)
  • Iso-dynamic grounding
  • Power converters (115V / 60Hz, 115V / 400Hz, 440V / 60Hz)
  • Compressed Air
  • Controlled environmental conditions
  • Clean and secure environment for Customer systems

Surface Treatment

  • Blasting room (6x6x6 metres) & cabinet (blasting media: plastic, glass, sand)
  • 8-meter wide “wet filter” for painting
  • 3.6 ton overhead crane
  • Oven to accelerate paint curing time
  • Controlled environmental conditions
  • Quality Control equipment to check paint gloss and thickness
  • NATO standards

Tools & Test Equipment

Tools & Test Equipment for:

  • Disassembly
  • Assembly
  • Alignment
  • Hoisting
  • Transport
  • Testing

All required commercial tools & equipment

Consumables and Spare Parts using the ERP system

  • Storage of Tools, Test Equipment, Consumables and Spare Parts using the ERP system.


  • Combat Management Training System (CMTS) The system is capable of providing a controlled environment for multi-level training which ranges from individual operator skill enhancement, to crew coordination, up to full scale force interoperability. The CMTS can accommodate most TACTICOS operated Combat Information Centers.
  • Integrated Platform Management Training System (IPMTS) Real time training simulator for a ship’s integrated platform management system. Currently configured for the Hellenic Navy’s Modernized “S” type frigates.