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Hardware Activities

Onsite / Onboard activities

Since our establishment we have been specialising in undertaking program management of particular sections of large turn-key projects as well as undertaking combat system integration and delivery.

Combat System Integration (CSI) is the methodical application by experienced specialists of program management and engineering processes to obtain a harmoniously functioning system, resulting from the connection and intermeshing of all subsystems. This is done according to performance specifications, operational requirements and schedule.

The integrator not only integrates subsystems with one another but ultimately integrates the combat system with the platform to obtain a complete system. This means that all the required functions are provided and integrated with respect to logistics, software, hardware, and personnel.

Our particular area of expertise is in the integration of radar, electro-optical sensors and electronic support systems (ESM) with combat management systems including:

  • Supervision of Installation
  • Setting To Work
  • Harbour Acceptance Tests
  • System Integration Tests
  • Sea Acceptance Trials
  • Live Firing Trials

Completed On site / On board activities

Setting To Work, Testing, Delivery, Maintenance & Repairs of:

  • 29 x TACTICOS Combat Management Systems
  • 6 x Tracking and Illumination Radars STIR (1.8)
  • 1 x Tracking and Illumination Radars STIR (2.4)
  • 6 x Combined Search and Fire Control Radars CAS (WM-25)
  • 10 x Fire Control Radars STING-EO
  • 9 x Tracking Radars LIROD
  • 23 x E/O Tracking Radars Mirador
  • 8 x Surveillance and Tracking Radars MW08 3D
  • 6 x Long Range Surveillance Radars LW-08
  • 9 x Surveillance Radars Variant 2D
  • 19 x Surveillance Radars Scout LPI
  • 34 x Target Designation Systems (TDS)
  • 7 x Warship Automatic Identification Systems (WAIS)

Overhaul / Upgrade Activities

In order to maintain or even improve the functionality of existing equipment while dealing with obsolescence issues it is imperative to properly maintain as well as periodically completely overhaul and modernise equipment.

In our specially constructed flexible facility we have ensured the existence of all required infrastructure as well as specially trained personnel to undertake almost any overhaul, repair or modernisation requirements for defence systems in cooperation always with the original equipment manufacturer. In addition to this we offer complete offsite technical assistance and repair capabilities.

Our complete overhaul / upgrade activities consist of the following:

  • Removal & Transportation of the system
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Equipment Disassembly
  • Surface Treatment
  • Execution of Repairs / Modifications Application
  • Insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) Measurements
  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Transportation & Installation

Completed Overhaul / Upgrade Activities

Overhauls of:

  • 17 x Tracking and Illumination Radars STIR (1.8)
  • 2 x Tracking and Illumination Radars STIR (2.4)
  • 9 x Combined Search and Fire Control Radars CAS (WM-25, WM-22)
  • 4 x Fire Control Radars STING-EO
  • 6 x Long Range Surveillance Radars LW-08
  • 2 x Medium Range Surveillance Radars DA-08
  • 1 x Long Range Surveillance Radar JUPITER
  • 20 x Target Designation Systems (TDS)
  • 4 x Waveguide Dryers (WGD)
  • 1 x Medium Range Surveillance Radar DA-05
  • 1 x Surveillance Radar SCOUT

Provision of Integrated Logistic Support Services

Logistic support is one of the largest problems facing the modern day defence industry and Armed Forces. As product ranges increase and technology is continuously updated and replaced, it is all the more necessary to ensure users are properly trained, documentation is always up to date and spare parts and technical assistance are always available on tap.

Currently the following services are being provided concerning Thales Nederland’s TACTICOS Combat Management System

  • Repair/Warranty
  • Spare Parts
  • Maintenance
  • Training

as well as maintenance for RH Marine Netherlands B.V. (former Imtech Marine and Offshore) Integrated Platform Management System.

Production of systems / units

Our flexibility due to our medium size, unique structure, wide scope of activities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, technical expertise and superlative quality control make us the ideal European partner for bespoke production.

  • 19 x Multifunction Operator Consoles (MOCs): 11 x vertical plus 8 x horizontal
  • Local production of mechanical parts
  • Adaptation to offshore environment
  • Internal wiring
  • HW & SW installation
  • Factory Acceptance
  • Networking to simulate Combat Information Center (CIC) environment
  • 2 x Units (2 x EGCC – 2 x EGCP)
  • Internal wiring 
  • Assembly 
  • Factory Acceptance

  • 1 x System
  • Procurement of materials
  • Design of the consoles
  • Installation of HW & SW
  • Internal wiring
  • Integration with PLCs and peripheral devices to simulate the integrated Platform Management System onboard the S-Frigates
  • 6 x Systems
  • Procurement of materials
  • Local construction of mechanical parts
  • Wiring
  • Assembly
  • Factory Acceptance
  • 2 x Systems
  • Procurement of materials
  • Circuit modification design
  • Internal wiring
  • Installation of HW & SW
  • Commissioning

AThLOS is an Upgrade Kit, which enhances the capabilities of legacy radar directors by adding a Thermal Imaging camera next to the existing TV camera. The Kit has been developed by SSMART and has been operationally tested on board fast patrol boats during naval exercises.

NAWAS is a compact computerized system, which assists in the execution of dynamic alignment trials onboard naval ships. It is connected to cameras of radars and to weapon-specific boresights and calculates the parameters which control the alignment between sensors and weapons. NAWAS is a valuable tool for the teams performing dynamical alignment tests thanks to its easy handling, versatility and user friendly operation.