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Certifications / Policies


  • All services and production are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001
  • The company is registered in NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency)
  • The company is registered in the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense (HMoND) Registry of Defense Material Manufacturers
  • The personnel and the facilities avail security clearance for handling Hellenic and NATO classified information and materials
  • The production of Hardware and Software is executed in accordance with internal development and configuration management procedures that conform with the respective Military Standards


The company is a member of SEKPY (Hellenic Manufacturers of Defence and Security Material Association), HASDIG (Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group) and SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)


SSMART’s mission is: “The Research, Design, Development and Production of Specialized defense units; provision of technical services related to defense and industrial systems including the modernization and overhaul up to factory level, their installation, integration and testing on ships and shore bases; provision of ILS, training and maintenance services of the above systems. Requirement analysis, design, development, and production, installation, integration, testing and maintenance of software applications.”

SSMART’s vision is to become a center of excellence in providing product / services that meet the highest customer needs and expectations, complying with the highest statutory and regulatory standards.

SSMART’s Mission and Vision is supported by a Quality Management System which has been certified to BS EN ISO 9001, for the activities provided above.

SSMART Quality Management System is the main instrument to achieve our goals and improve quality performance. We are committed to the continual improvement of the quality management system and to satisfy applicable requirements.

The principles of Quality Management System are embodied in the culture of SSMART and are obligatory to the people concerned.

SSMART personnel is the company’s most important asset. We are dedicated in providing work environment, means and facilities that augment employees’ competences, advance their inspiration and facilitates the improvement of their individual and collective performance.

The co-active companies are SSMART partners in the achievement of our goals. We are enhancing long term co-operation for reliable, sustainable and durable collaboration.

Within the framework of SSMART strategy, the following apply to quality objectives:

  • Compliance with the requirements of customer orders | contracts
  • Ensure successful completion and delivery to the customer for every program
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Optimal use of available human capacity
  • Continuous improvement of quality understanding and quality system

SSMART has developed its Information Security Policy focusing on secure data management, using effective ways to fulfill the obligations it undertakes towards its customers, so that it is always competitive and safeguards every piece of information which manages.

SSMART through the Information Security Policy is committed for:

  • Protection of resources and circulating information in the company’s services from any threat, internal or external, intentional or accidental
  • Systematic assessment and evaluation of the risks related to the assurance of information, and their correct and timely management
  • Archiving data, avoiding viruses and external intrusions, controlling access to systems, recording all security incidents and managing unexpected developments
  • Constantly informing management and staff on information security matters
  • Control of circulating and exchanged information and data
  • Protection of the interests of the company and those who do business with it and trust it
  • Prompt and efficient handling of security incidents and breaches
  • Encouraging internal and external communication on Information Security issues
  • Allocating the necessary resources to continuously improve the level of data management security
  • Establishing and revising objectives and goals in the area of Information Security
  • Implementation of the Security Policy and all existing national and EU legislation

Violation of the terms of the policies results in disciplinary action which, depending on the severity of the violation, may include:

  • Verbal recommendation / warning from the Administration
  • Formal written recommendation / warning for serious misconduct
  • Dismissal due to serious misconduct
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Civil proceedings for the restoration of damages

For the implementation of the Information Security Policy, SSMART considers the active participation of employees necessary in the observance, development and documentation of all the procedures provided in the ISMS.

The Information Security Policy is communicated to all staff and interested parties.

The company’s Management has developed its Environmental Policy with a view to the safe management of environmental issues and the implementation of any preventive action required.

The Company’s Management, through the Environmental Policy, is committed to the following:

  • The protection of the environment
  • The prevention of pollution and other commitments related to its operation
  • Observance of all legislative provisions related to the operation of the company
  • The saving of natural resources in every project carried out by the company
  • The saving of natural resources in the daily operation of the company
  • The observance of the legislative provisions related to the protection of the environment.
  • Observance of the legislative provisions related to the safety of employees
  • The continuous and effective treatment of staff training needs in environmental policy matters
  • Continuous communication with its suppliers and customers and informing them about the environmental protection measures taken by the company
  • Its constant updating on environmental policy issues
  • Taking all the necessary preventive measures to protect the environment
  • The provision of all necessary resources to maintain its environmental policy
  • The ability to collect environmental policy results in order to set targets for continuous improvement of environmental management
  • To meet all the expectations of the interested parties
  • The commitment to allocating all necessary resources for the improvement of environmental data.

In order to achieve these goals, the Company’s Management is committed to provide all the required resources for the implementation of its Environmental Policy over time. In addition, it is committed to its continuous environmental improvement.

The Environmental policy is communicated to all staff, subcontractors/partners, suppliers of the company and especially to its customers.


SSMART is introduced to the workplace with a dedication to the respect and safety of all its employees. In order to ensure this goal, the Company adopts a relevant Anti-Violence and Harassment Policy, complying with the current legal framework.

The Company’s policy indicates absolutely zero tolerance towards any form of violence and harassment in the workplace. The main objective is to create a safe working environment for all employees, preventing and acting against any incident of violence or harassment.

The Policy covers all employees of the Company, people attending training, volunteers, prospective employees of the Company, as well as people who do business or cooperate with it.

It refers to the obligations of the Company and its employees. It also provides measures for risk assessment, incident response, and staff awareness.

The Company creates procedures for submitting, receiving, investigating and examining complaints, including communication channels and competent persons. Cooperates with competent authorities and judicial bodies to resolve incidents. It points out the prohibition against retaliation against whistleblowers and describes the consequences if the policy is violated.

In addition, the policy addresses the issue of domestic violence with specific provisions. Through this policy, the Company demonstrates its commitment to a healthy and safe working environment, ensuring the protection and well-being of employees.


SSMART operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and manages personal data of customers, suppliers, staff and partners in order to perform contractual obligations, improve services, comply with legislation and protect the interests of the company.

Personal data includes identity, contact, tax information, payments, identification numbers, activity numbers, confidentiality statements, and access information. These are stored on servers, personal electronic media, and Cloud services, protected by passwords.

The processing is based on contractual relationships, consent, legal obligations, and the legitimate interest of the company. Data may be shared with internal staff, authorities and agencies, customers, and partners.

The company takes measures to protect data, including maintaining a data protection officer, developing policies and procedures, technical and organizational measures, and training staff.

Subjects have rights of access, rectification, erasure, portability, restriction, opposition, and withdrawal of consent, with the possibility of contacting the company or the Data Protection Authority.

The provision of personal data is necessary for the company’s services. Refusal may result in consequences such as no service or penalties.

Code of Conduct

In a time of increased regulation enforcement efforts, it is considered that robust compliance to legislation and ethics is integral to the operation of SSMART. Our ability to operate according to regulations and sound ethics is considered as an asset and a competitive advantage.
The aim of the company is to provide to our employees all the required tools and means enabling them to make correct and appropriate decisions quickly, as well as to make sure that they have an understanding of the national and international rules that govern our operations.
The Code of Conduct of SSMART consists of the policies relating to the ethical and legal standards of conduct to be followed by the employees and representatives of the company in the conduct of its business.

Industrial security certificate

SSMART applies all the security procedures required by the Industrial Security Regulation and possesses valid Industrial Security Certifications issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Defense.
The physical security of the facilities includes measures designed to deny unauthorized access to amenities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm. Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, access control, identification cards and electronic/mechanical control systems such as locks, doors and many other techniques.
Since all the programs undertaken by the company require the special handling of all information, software and/or equipment all the employees have been certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Defense for security clearance level SECRET – NATO SECRET – EU SECRET.
The company commits that the processing and storage of sensitive information and/or equipment entrusted to it will be handled with the outmost protection.